Sewing leather handbags is not really simple but if you have some manual skills and the desire to do just follow some advice.

In this article I will try to make you understand how to sew leather bags for children.

Sew leather bagsThe skin is well suited for the purpose because it is waterproof, soft and above all resistant. To sew, however, it is necessary to have some tools such as a sewing machine, a cutter, a hammer, a forester and glue. The first thing to do is to make a simple paper pattern. How to do?

There are several solutions. One of these is to browse a specialized fashion magazine otherwise nothing remains but to search the web by looking for specific websites that talk about bags. Once you have selected the pattern, all you have to do is place it on the skin to shape it with a marker. And the skin where I buy it?

There’s no need. Search for things you do not use in your closet and you will certainly find a jacket that you no longer use. To sew the different parts of the model for leather handbags it is necessary to put the leather on the reverse side, and immediately add the pins to block the stitches. The use of the chalk is essential when you need to sew something, so with each step taken you can remove the color or score again at another point without difficulty.

To cut you must be careful to leave a small margin around the perimeter.

If you want to be sure to do things right, I suggest you cut out a 50 mimmiletri wide cardboard just to guide the cut. Start with sewing: a dedicated foot is required that can be purchased from specialist dealers if not already supplied with your machine. It is a special foot that facilitates the transport of the fabric below this.

This leather foot is equipped with a wheel that allows the transport of the fabric, a simple and fluid flow.

In order not to ruin the leather it is necessary to set the machine to make large enough points. If the skin does not manage to slide easily, there is a trick or place under the skin of tissue paper, which isolates the part to be sewn and allows the fabric to flow easily without being braked. When more pieces are to be assembled, corners that are impossible to sew will form. In this case, the hammer will start working, which will crush the edges and flatten the skin.

After the external work, the internal one will have to be done, that is, you will have to sew a lining bag inside.

If you decide to put studs, you can contact an expert shoemaker who has the right machine for this particular job. I do not think it is necessary to buy the tool to do this job.

If instead you think that to sew leather bags you will have to repeat it several times, then it is the case to search for it on the web. Remember that thanks to the classic method of DIY, you can create many items of clothing and not, which will make you happy and satisfied, but it takes a lot of patience and creativity. If you want, you can take a look in the gallery to see the achievements of the latest collection of handmade handbags.